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Ever since Sven van Thom's first children's song, "My New Brother", appeared in the successful sampler series "Unter meine Bett" in 2017, he has been hooked on the topic of "good pop music for youngsters".

With "Tanz den Spatz" (2018) and "Spuckepack" (2021), two van Thom albums with children's songs have now been released that are unrivaled in terms of musical variety and entertainment value. While his albums attract attention with their sophisticated arrangements and a noticeable attention to detail, Sven van Thom now brings these songs to the stage in a reduced form.

Together with his comrade-in-arms Dominik Merscheid, van Thom plays a selection of personal favorites from his ever-growing repertoire of children's songs. But anyone expecting mere campfire romance will be taught a lesson. The two multi-instrumentalists bring a small arsenal of musical instruments with them - from the guitar or the ukulele, to the bass, to the drum synthesizer and bizarre devices like theremin or omnichord. But none of that can hide the fact that Sven van Thom's songs are one thing above all: highly entertaining and damn funny, so that both children and their supervisors can expect a fantastic concert experience.

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