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Dance performance by Magda Korsinsky

When we remember ‒ being tucked in * shaping soap suds animals, lots of soap = cleanness * being toweled dry * butter spread thick on bread * teary eyes whenever we leave * weeding * Oh my God, two different socks * Don’t touch her hair! Messing up the hair! And my hair? * Greet the neighbors properly! * She may be disappointed ‒ or was it different back then?

A girl and her grandmother, two related bodies meeting between generations, eras. A significant distance, women’s roles, body images, values; nevertheless, an undeniable connection. The relationship we have with our grandparents is complex ‒ and presumably underestimated. Especially when the grandmother was raised during the Nazi era.

In STRICKEN (KNITTING), a Black girl and her white grandmother meet. There’s so much we learn from our grandmas! Specific tasks such as folding laundry; and with them a whole set of values around order, how to dress, gender roles. We move out of our parents‘ house one day, but our grandmas? Does emancipation from our mothers mean the unquestioned affirmation of our grandmothers? Which step sequences are passed on to us and when do we start walking on our own?

What preceded the visual artist and choreographer Magda Korsinsky’s choreography STRICKEN was an exploration involving interviews with six Black women about their white grandmothers and their circumstances. The resulting video interviews provide a unique perspective on Black German history.

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Additional information
Choreography: Magda Korsinsky

Assistant choreography: Laura Alonso

Stage & lighting design: Raquel Rosildete

Video: Stefan Korsinsky

Performance: Naê Selka de Paiva, Hilla Steinert

Dramaturgy: Wagner Carvalho

Production management: Rita Ventura

A production by Kultursprünge im Ballhaus Naunynstraße gemeinnützige GmbH. The first production was created as part of the Postcolonial Poly Perspectives festival, supported by the Capital Cultural Fund.
Participating artists
Laura Alonso (Mitarbeit Choreografie)
Wagner Carvalho (Dramaturgie)
Isabel Gonzalez Toro (Musik)
Stefan Korsinsky (Video)
Raquel Rosildete (Lichtdesign)
Rita Ventura (Produktionsleitung)
Magda Korsinsky (Autor/in)
Naê Selka de Paiva
Hilla Steinert