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Traveling by train is like sour rhubarb compote for you? Are you dissatisfied with the passenger staff? Or are you already failing because of the price system? Congratulations! Because after this trip you will really appreciate “your train” again! bets?

Accompany Rudolf and Kati on their spectacular raid on the on-board bistro in the "Champus Express", a gauntlet run with ever new improvisational theater by the robber couple, constant games of hide-and-seek with the loot and the railway staff "damned" to privatization.

(Program in German)

Theater from the last row e.V.

The "Theater from the last row" is a non-profit association based in Berlin that wants to give people with and without disabilities self-determined access to the performing arts. It promotes the discovery and development of individual creativity through joint theater projects in the areas of classical spoken theatre, improvisational theatre, cabaret and comedy.

In addition, the association promotes theater education projects with children and young people and supports the improvement of artistic skills with speech training, with workshops for finding roles or with the development of basic skills for acting on stage.

With its wide range of activities, the association wants to make a concrete contribution to inclusion in cultural and social life.
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