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One of the outstanding jazz bands in Europe: This band develops intuitively felt and immediately implemented music that inspires the listener in one moment and makes them think in the next. It's an explosive mix of profound jazz and irresistible rhythms.

The Berlin saxophonist and composer Stephan-Max Wirth has been leading his own formation for three decades, and these 30 years have been characterized by energy, passion, trance and dedication. This impressive journey is now being extensively celebrated with their new production “Printemps Fatal”!

Wirth's legendary Dutch rhythm section, consisting of Jaap Berends (guitar), Bub Boelens (bass) and Florian Hoefnagels (drums), has remained constant for a long time. With hundreds of concerts and 20 CDs released, this formation has made a name for itself far beyond the borders of Germany.

Highlights of this trip included "Illumination" (2004), which was awarded the Berlin "Studioprojekt Jazz" prize, "DADA Republic!" (2006), which premiered at the Berlin Jazz Festival, "multiple pulse" (2009), which was nominated for the "JAZZ-ECHO German Music Prize" in the category "Ensemble of the Year International", "PASSION" (2012), the among other things, was named CD of the week on NDR, "The Inner Draft" (2015), which was chosen as audiophile CD of the month on Stereoplay, "CALLING EUROPE!" (2017), which became the CD of the week on NDR and the jazz highlight of the month on Deutschlandradio Kultur and finally "LIVE EXPERIENCE" (2020), for which SMWE received the "German Record Critics' Prize".

  • Stephan-Max Wirth: tenor sax / soprano sax
  • Jaap Berends: guitar
  • Bub Boelens: bass
  • Florian Hoefnagels: drums