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Men? They're all inconsiderate louts - serious expressions, sitting with their legs apart, and the armrest in the movie theater, which is rarely occupied by women. Not really likeable, but of course, that's how you get ahead in your career. And women? Crossed legs, tilted head and a smile on their lips: Yikes, that's cute! You don't have to take them so seriously anymore.

So it seems there really is a male and a female body language. Wait a minute, Mooooment! Hold on: this is firstly nonsense and secondly unscientific. The effects of confidence and likability are available to all of us. And yet we show gender-specific signals all the time. These mean that housework is often unequally distributed, children follow only very sporadically, and career ladders are still climbed predominantly by men. And yet all this sometimes makes sense - if you know how to use it.

Body language expert Stefan Verra shows vividly why society and parental education are less responsible for this than the Neanderthal in us. Scientifically correct and with unbelievably pictorial narration he inspires 100,000 people from Europe over the USA to China. You too can experience an evening in which you will not know at the end whether you have laughed more or learned more. And, by the way, get an arsenal of tips for your likeable and self-confident effect.

Because one thing is clear: there is no such thing as male body language and female body language. There is only one human body language.

Language: German

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