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„Es ist jetzt weniger Schlaf in der Welt, länger die Nächte und länger die Tage.“ (There is now less sleep in the world, longer nights and longer days.) With these words, Stefan Zweig begins his nightmarish description of the state of people's souls in 1914, shortly before the onset of the First World War, which eerily resembles the current restless societal mood.

Set to the music of Johann Sebastian Bach, Radiohead, Hania Rani, and Studnitzky, Boris Randzio translates Stefan Zweig's text into the language of movement, thereby bridging the gap between the anxieties and longings of our time.

This opens up a more fearless view of the future through the collective experience and the subconscious preparedness in the audience.

Berlin born Boris Randzio, a passionate dancer, choreographer, and actor, was formerly a permanent ensemble member at the Ballet of the Deutsche Oper Berlin and most recently spent 11 years as a soloist at the Ballett am Rhein under the direction of Martin Schläpfer. His successful career led him
to guest performances at Théâtre de la Ville in Paris, The Israeli Opera in Tel Aviv, Bunkamura Orchard Hall in Tokyo, and Teatro Real in Madrid. Today, he lives and works in Berlin once again."

  • Ana Dordevic
  • Brice Asnar
  • Hannah Stein
  • Ya-Chun Tsai

Duration: 60min
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