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Repair and transformation project around fast fashion, Online logistics and the search for happiness

Every second around the world, a load of used textiles is burned in trucks or disposed of in landfills. This alarming practice is largely driven by the fast fashion industry.

Because of fast fashion, people are buying 60% more clothing today, but these items are only worn for half as long as they were 15 years ago. This has resulted in fashion becoming disposable and the fashion industry is now the second largest polluter after the oil industry, not to mention questionable working conditions.

This part of the problem is largely known. However, what is less known is the contribution of logistics, particularly online logistics with its promise of immediate fulfillment.

The project "In Search of Fulfillment" aims to combat reckless production and excessive consumption (not only in fast fashion) with a paradoxical intervention and to explore the deeper causes of these problems through logistics.

Starting from the striking term "fulfillment" for an aspect of online logistics, the role of the long-standing dream of endless supplies for human happiness and the meaning of "fulfillment" beyond the rapid delivery of ever more and increasingly short-lived goods is questioned.

As a starting point and driving force for these investigations, the plan is to entice passers-by and the public in several cities to carry out an absurd act: the joint production of a 16-meter-long Euro semi-trailer using craft techniques such as weaving, tufting, sewing and braiding.

This object transports nothing except its own role in a global network. The material for this is obtained from clothing and shoes found on the street and from sorting companies.

As part of this joint work, practical craft techniques and alternative options for action are taught in workshops. Experts from various areas such as textile logistics, neuroscience and philosophy will examine the meaning and challenges of “fulfillment”.