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"Saints, See and Sun" is a musical project that aims to combine the jazz experience, particularly the practice of improvisation, with the atmospheres and colors of the musical languages developed in the countries bordering the Mediterranean basin. Much music that is linked to often shared cultural traditions and whose roots lie in a terrain that reflects the spirit and artistic expression of the peoples of southern Europe and North Africa has a strong influence.

In short, a musical culture that draws inspiration from three main elements: prayer, stories about the sea and the energy of the sun. The quartet's repertoire consists of original compositions by the group members, which are inspired by the traditional musical forms of Mediterranean popular culture.

Alessandro Di Puccio, vibraphonist, pianist, composer, was a member of one of the most important clubs, festivals and concerts, in the world of jazz and world music, in Italy and Europe, and had numerous collaborations and groundbreaking discographies. Among the most important: Toots Thielemans, Albert Mangelsdorff, Mal Waldron, Mike Turk, Sal Nistico, Scott Hamilton.

He conducted and wrote compositions and arrangements for the entire jazz orchestra and was conductor at one of the most important Italian jazz schools from 1986 to 2017.

Matthias Haase studied oboe at the UdK Berlin and baroque oboe at the Academy for Early Music, Bremen. At the University of Music in Detmold he took a course in music education and concert pedagogy. The collaboration with jazz musicians began in 2000, which led to the founding of the Alec Wilder Oktet, Berlin.

Since 2017 he has attended some jazz improvisation workshops with Jean Luc Fillon. For many years he has led ensembles at various music schools, with a focus on wind chamber music and baroque music.

Andrea Marcelli - over the course of his career he has performed in the USA, Japan, India, Brazil, China, Canada, South Africa, Italy, England, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Russia, France, Belgium, Finland, Holland and others countries.

He has led a very active musical life for four decades, performing with Wayne Shorter, David Liebman, Bob Mintzer, Mitchel Forman, Eddie Gomez, Mike Stern, Bob Berg, John Patitucci, Allan Holdsworth, Markus Stockhausen, Simon Stockhausen and Alex von Schlippenbach and many other.
Andrea has recorded two acclaimed CDs of his original compositions in the USA for the legendary major jazz label VERVE. In 2002 he won two awards at the Berlin Jazz and Blues Awards.

Daigo Nakai, a Berlin-based double bassist/electric bassist. Since moving to the German capital, he has been invited to festivals and concerts as well as independently curated events across Europe, including the Bundestag, Les Rencontres Trans Musicales, MÓZG Festival, etc., where he performed jazz, free improvisation, electronic music, rock , folk and so on, connects.

The project's first album, Here Comes, was recorded in 2019. When recording, he focused on the approach of his bass line, which allowed the music to be free, limitless and not limited to specific genres or styles. As of 2021, he is a member of the band Mitsune, which plays modern/traditional Japanese music mixed with jazz, rock and folk music from other worlds and has played at festivals and music venues in Europe and England. In 2022, Nakai, together with Elma Kais, Knox Chandler and Klaus Kugel, released a live recording album entitled "Licentia Poetica", which captured free improvisations at a festival, Gdańskie Noce Jazsowe in Poland. The album has received rave reviews in European countries, especially in Polish jazz magazines and media.


  • Alessandro Di Puccio - piano
  • Matthias Haase - oboe
  • Andrea Marcelli - drums
  • Daigo Nakai - bass

Entry 15/12 euros