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In their interactive, multidisciplinary, performative experiment with the working title "Projections", dance artists Aléna Emilia Birzele and Marie Luise Hohloch explore the different meanings of projections to find out how fiction and reality, self-perception and perception by others, expectation and illusion overlap and contradict each other and influence experienced environment.

The question of how projections and associations influence and shape our movement patterns and body perception also plays a central role. In their collaboration, the two dance artists enrich each other through their experiences gained in different areas of the dance and art scene (contemporary dance, hip hop, commercial).

The results of the research lead to a performance installation, which will be presented to the audience in the context of reinkommen.

reinkommen ("coming in") is ada Studio's latest performance series. It gives young choreographers the opportunity to open their work process, invite the audience to come in and to get into conversation.
Additional information
Funded as part of the Residency Funding Dance of the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Community.

Research & Presentation: Aléna Emilia Birzele, Marie Luise Hohloch