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While her film "Good Bye, Lenin!" was waiting for its triumph, Katrin Sass wrote a book. It's a stroke of luck that she can not only act, but also write. And then she reads too. Because she has something to say.

Reading in German

Because things didn't always go smoothly with Katrin Sass, like with everyone else, the audience loves her openness coupled with her Mecklenburg charm. She was famous in the East. After the turn, no one was waiting for them. That, too, unites her with many in the audience. In this book, Katrin Sass remembers stages in her life - and gives hope.

Reservations Monday to Thursday 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on: 030 475940610

Staircase A | Admission €10 | Reduced according to the imprint 3 €