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The year is 2022 and Corona is overcome. But a new danger is already looming! Three people in a secret bunker at Potsdamer Platz, deep underground, chosen by Angela Merkel herself, are to save the world. And it has to happen quickly. Because the disaster seems unstoppable. Marriages have already been broken up a thousand times, global corporations are threatened with bankruptcy, the "Tagesschau" must be turned off and Markus Söder wants to lead Bavaria into independence.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: DREI LÜGEN ZU VIEL
© Dirk Dehmel

Because a new dangerous disease is spreading: The truth virus. The victims unlearn everything that civilized people need in life: cheating, swindling, fibbing, lying and concealing. They have to do the most dangerous thing of all: Tell the truth to everyone and everything. Our heroes are working feverishly on a solution. A four-star general, a Nobel Prize winner for medicine, the CEO of a global corporation - were unfortunately unable to attend. But there are competent replacements: a Neukölln patrolman, a psychiatrist from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and the equal opportunity commissioner for Britz-Buckow-Rudow. They have no idea and only 24 hours before the virus reaches Moscow, Washington and Pyongyang. They can't stand each other, the secret services are after them, Olaf Scholz cuts their budget to 56,50 Euro plus food and drink, and then the free WLAN is cancelled...

New version of the successful play "Lied truths" by Sören Sieg and Frank Lüdecke.

The event takes place within the framework of the Berlin pilot project "Perspektive Kultur".
(Program in German)

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Participating artists
Frank Lüdecke (Autor/in)
Sören Sieg (Komponist/in)
Sören Sieg (Autor/in)
Jenny Bins
Mirja Henking
Steven Klopp