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As keyboarder in the East Berlin band PANKOW, Rainer Kirchmann wrote the hit "Langeweile" ("Boredom"), among many other songs.

He worked with the singer Veronika Fischer, the Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis and many others. But what is Kirchmann above all? Singer, pianist, composer? His countertenor voice is as special as his warm baritone.

He performs most of his own songs with Lübeck double bassist Florian Galow. Both move in a wide spectrum from rock to chanson to classical music.

Date: Thursday, 25.01.2024
Time: 20:00

Location: Peter Edel Education and Cultural Centre
                  Berliner Allee 125, 13088 Berlin

Tickets: €20.00 (online and ticket shop on location, plus booking fee)- €25.00 (box office)

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