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The Pure&Crafted Festival is back and fans can experience the special mix of handmade music, motorcycle culture and New Heritage lifestyle in the capital! Fans of music, motorcycle culture, skateboarding, BMX and art will get their money's worth at the Pure&Crafted Festival.

This year, the event found a perfect home in the urban Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg with the Napoleon Complex. On a warehouse site with typical industrial charm, visitors can experience the unique Pure&Crafted world.

There is also something for music fans.

The Austrian duo Cari Cari spans the musical arc from the wild 1970s through the grunge of the 1990s to the present day.

With New Wave, Post-Punk and Indie-Pop, on the other hand, Drangsal fills the room at the only concert in Germany this year. And there is still more to discover musically. Multi-instrumentalist, producer and singer WU-LU plays a danceable mixture of grime, dub and punk or circa waves with driving, melodic indie rock.

Another highlight: a Berlin artist will design a skate park in which the local and national skate scene will compete against each other. Supplemented by sounds, bites and the right vibes from the Berlin skate community. BMX flatland shows also take place several times a day on the premises and in the skate park - followed by workshops for those who are interested.

In the Wheels Area, on the other hand, motorcycle fans can delve deep into the world of customizing. Among others, Hookie Co. from Dresden will be there, who will design this year's Pure&Crafted custom bike. For the first time, electromobility will play a central role this year, with Pure&Crafted consistently bridging the gap between heritage and the mobility concepts of the future.

Finally, the General Store offers a selection of lifestyle products that match the passions that define Pure&Crafted: music, motorcycle culture, skateboarding, BMX and art.

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As the safety & health of all is paramount, the event will of course be corona compliant.

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