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A not so distant future: Climate change is progressing, many species are already extinct, wide areas are hardly inhabitable. Suddenly aliens appear and inform mankind that »Project Earth« in its current form can unfortunately not be extended.

The protagonist of the show, the Earth, is, due to the sapiens, on the verge of burnout. Plus the ratings are simply too bad. Consequently, the aliens decided to recast life on the planet and to take up the mass extinction surprisingly initiated by humans, and to continue it full speed – and now it’s mankind's turn to go extinct. 

However, the representative of mankind, randomly chosen by the aliens for the arrangement of the extinction conditions, can convince the aliens to give his species a last chance: He is allowed to participate in the alien entertainment reality show »Will Life Find A Way?« and competes with chicken, panda, ant & co for the repopulation of Earth as the only surviving species. Who has taken the most convincing evolutionary steps? Who has the most promising evolutionary potential?

Having most recently collaborated on the 2022 Theatertreffen show Slippery Slope. Almost A Musical, Yael Ronen and Itai Reicher now form an author duo and devote themselves to the current sixth mass extinction with a wicked science fiction comedy.


World Premiere 8/June 2023


Photo: Esra Rotthoff

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By Yael Ronen, Itai Reicher
Participating artists
Maryam Abu Khaled
Niels Bormann
Jonas Dassler
Orit Nahmias
Dimitrij Schaad
Alexandra Sinelnikova
Yael Ronen
Amit Epstein
Yaniv Fridel
Stefano di Buduo
Clara Probst