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For children over 3 years

Gretel and
Kasper want to get married. Also Prince Flitz Pipe wants to marry Gretel. So
the king issues the order: Who accomplishes a heroic deed and catches the
crocodile may marry Gretel. But Kasper and the crocodile become friends and
outwit the common prince together. So it comes as it must come, Gretel and
Kasper get married and live happily ever after. 

PuppenTheater Felicio, Prenzlauer Berg
PuppenTheater Felicio, Prenzlauer Berg © tic/ Uwe Precht

  • Director: Harald Preuss
  • Set: Barbara & Günter Weinhold
  • Music: Ulli-Max Baum
  • Stage design: Jens Arnold

A production of the Puppet Theatre Felicio, Karsten-Toni Ackermann

(program in german)

Due to the prescribed Corona safety distance only a limited number of spectators is possible, please make an appointment in advance at:
Phone: 030/ 446 73 530 or
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