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At Sing dela Sing, hundreds of people in the audience sing current pop songs together from the first moment to the last note - from ABBA to Avicii, from Peter Gabriel to Peter Fox, from »7 Seconds« to »7 Years«, from »1999« to »2002 «. The texts are lovingly prepared via video projection. Two, sometimes even three sought-after pop music professionals accompany the whole thing, and within a few minutes singing together makes everyone infinitely happy.

Since October 2016 there has been a real rush for this contemporary answer to crowd singing: people want to sing, and at Sing dela Sing people who might otherwise only do so in the shower or in the car dare to sing. What originally started as a crazy idea at a birthday party has become an incomparable journey, on which thousands of sing dela singers have sung over 500 songs from international pop history.
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