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The Odyssey (after Homer) - Three puppeteers from Aristo-funny present the adventures of Odysseus on a mobile stage.

Bühnenbild Aristo-funny
Bühnenbild Aristo-funny © Bild: Aristo-funny Marionettentheater

Well-known figures from Greek mythology, such as the Cyclopes, the sorceress Kirke, Poseidon, Zeus, Athena and the nymph Kalypso, meet Odysseus on his odyssey. After 10 years, he reaches his castle on Ithaca, where his wife's suitors are already queuing up.

Date: Thursday, 16.02.2023
Time: 9:00 am
Admission: 6,- € + JKS - ticket

The Prince of Venice
It is a Cypriot folk tale performed by the Aristo-funny Puppet Theatre.
In Paphos, an old harbour town on the island of Cyprus, lives the king with his three daughters. The youngest daughter learns from an old woman about the Prince of Venice and falls in love with him. Inspired by love, the prince arrives in Paphos via the Mediterranean.

Date: Friday, 17.02.2023
Time: 11:00 am
Admission: 5,50 € + JKS - ticket

Location: Wolfdietrich Schnurre Library
                 Bizetstraße 41, 13088 Berlin

Registration for school classes: 030 - 44 05 63 85 or e-mail:

(Program in German)
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