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The guided tour

There is a guided tour in the Humboldt Forum
for people with learning difficulties
and people without learning difficulties.
The guided tour is called: The Power of Things.

Everyone goes through an exhibition together.
Everyone talks about the exhibition together.
Everyone gets to know the exhibition together.
Everyone can ask any question.

3 people talk about the exhibition:
2 people with learning difficulties
and 1 without learning difficulties.
They lead the guided tour together.

The exhibition
The exhibition is about Asia, Africa and Europe.
The objects are all from these 3 continents.
They look different from each other.
Many are very old.

The exhibition is called:
Ancestors, Goddesses, Heroes.
Ancestors are our old family members.
They lived before us
and have already died.

Some people believe:
ancestors, goddesses and heroes
protect us and help us.
That is why they are very important for many people.

People make images of their
ancestors, goddesses and heroes out of wood.
Or people make these images out of metal.
These are called: sculptures.

In the guided tour, you will learn about sculptures:
  • Who made them.
  • Where they come from.
  • How old they are.
  • Why they help us.
At the end, everyone builds their own sculpture
out of paper and modelling clay.
These sculptures can be taken home.

- 8,00 EURO. During the Special Olympics (17.06.-25.06.2023) the event is free of charge.
- Accompanying person free (with note B in the severely disabled person's pass)
- 16 years and older
- 3rd floor

(Program in German)

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