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Oscar Jockel is absorbed in the music – both as a conductor and as a composer: “When I make music, I have the feeling that I no longer exist,” says the conducting scholarship holder of the Karajan Academy and musical assistant to Kirill Petrenko.

In this portrait concert, the Regensburg-born composer can show the full range of his skills – with performances of Baroque music, Alban Berg’s touching violin concerto (soloist: Veronika Eberle), Beethoven’s stirring Seventh Symphony and the world premiere of his new composition paths in the sky.

Giovanni Gabrieli
Symphoniae sacrae II: Exaudi me Domine

Oscar Jockel
paths in the sky for five orchestral groups (world premiere)

Alban Berg
Concerto for violin and orchestra "Dem Andenken eines Engels" (arrangement by Faradsch Karaew)
  • Veronika Eberle, violin
Ludwig van Beethoven
Symphony No. 7 in A major op. 92

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Veronika Eberle
Karajan-Akademie der Berliner Philharmoniker
Oscar Jockel