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As part of the exhibition "Spanish Dialogues. Picasso from the Berggruen Museum visiting the Bode Museum", the Bode Museum and the Berggruen Museum are jointly organizing the public conference "Picasso and Spanish art history" with panels on various topics as well as the keynote "Picasso as Masquerade” by Professor Dr. Estrella de Diego (Universidad Complutense Madrid and Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando).

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the death of Pablo Picasso (1881–1973), the Sculpture Collection and Museum of Byzantine Art invited the Museum Berggruen to the special presentation Spanish Dialogues. Picasso from the Berggruen Museum was invited to the Bode Museum in the Bode Museum.

In this context, a selection of Picasso's works from the Berggruen Museum in the Bode Museum enter into dialogue with Spanish works of art from the 14th to the 18th century. This makes it immediately clear how much Picasso's own artistic practice was influenced by Spanish art history - continuities as well as breaks become clear in this dialogic format.

Conference languages are Spanish and English.

Participation free of charge

No registration needed

The conference is supported by the Embassy of Spain in Germany and the Instituto Cervantes Berlin.

The conference takes place as part of the official anniversary program “Picasso Celebration 1973 - 2023”, which is sponsored by the Ministère de la Culture, France and Ministerio de Cultura y Deporte, Spain.
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