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In which languages does Berlin write? PARATAXE invites Berlin authors who write in languages other than German regularly and at different locations for discussions, readings and translations.

This time with two international voices of queer literature: the Polish Berlin author Jacek Dehnel and the Kazakh Berlin publicist Saltanat Shoshanova. Host Martin Jankowski will guide you through the evening in German and English. Translations from Polish and Kazakh will be presented.

PARATAXE is a city-wide, polylingual series of events organized by the Berliner Literarische Aktion e.V. and is funded by the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe.

Jacek Dehnel is a poet, prose writer and translator. He has published eight volumes of poetry, translations (by Philip Larkin, Henry James, Edmund White, among others), five novels (of which »Lala« and »Saturn« have been translated into German) and several volumes of shorter prose pieces. He is a laureate of the Kościelski Prize (2005) and the »Passport Polityki« prize (2006). He lived in Warsaw for twenty years and has been living in Berlin since March 2020.

Saltanat Shoshanova is an independent researcher and activist from Kazakhstan living in Berlin. Her interests span queer feminist movements, art, activism and decolonial thinking in Central Asia and beyond.
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