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The painter Sabine Schneider is offering painting courses in the garden of the Liebermann Villa this summer. The focus of the work is once again Max Liebermann's garden.

The courses take their inspiration both from the permanent exhibition with works by Max Liebermann and the current special exhibition. Both exhibitions can be visited by the participants during the courses. Examples of pictures from the various presentations offer inspiration and orientation for the participants' own artistic work and will be discussed to illustrate the creative themes of the courses.

What to bring (depending on your choice of technique and preferences)

for drawing: Drawing pad DINA 2 or smaller, pencils of various thicknesses, coloured pencils, eraser, sharpener.

for pastel drawing: suitable paper, coloured crayons, fixative

for painting techniques: Watercolour block and watercolours, sponges, water glass, watercolour brushes and/or broader hair brushes, rags/household paper.

watercolour pencils and oil pastels are also possible

A small stool (if available), sun hat, clips or tape for the block.
Additional information
Price: €100.00