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Görkem, Mazzocchi • Filmperformance

What does it take to fail? A simple equation: an insurmountable conflict between reality and fantasy, a healthy dose of arrogance, questionable audio quality and a pinch of creative madness.

In this extraordinary mokudokudrama, directed by the equally visionary and insufferable director Jean Pipò, the Dionysian and the Apollonian mingle in a vivid red attempt to create something unique:

A postmodern cyber drama that must challenge the current status quo. Who will win this game of everything and nothing? The dystopian rule of a toxic director with unclear ideas? The community of the oppressed? Or the CHAOS?!

P14 invites you to take a journey through the conceptual dimension, behind the scenes of experimental cinema's most unfinished play, to explore the fate of this unlikely ensemble. The route is the goal! To infinity and beyond!

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Participating artists
Naomi Achternbusch
Ömer Faruk Aydin
Amon Béla Bachmann
Lea Becker
Gina Böhlau
Luna Caric
Maria Colonna
Lucas Cousins
Veith Elsper
Anton Ernst
Léo Tino Enzo Faulhaber
Arda Görkem
Robin Hartmann
Hinnerk Henze
Fiedje Herold
Songül Ince
Leane Israfilova
Janoushka F. Kamin
Max Klumker
Charlotte Lehmann
Fabio Mazzocchi
Emma Schall
Djahangir Schina
Moe Schroth
Julian Schweinbenz
Caspar Schüchner
Sarah Sommer
Hans Spieler
Andrea Stutzer
Seedy Touray
Tessa Wyrostek