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Reading audiences, the book industry, and last but not least, writers themselves rely on a unique narrative tone, a recognizable voice, and image-generating stories that stick in the minds of readers and inspire them. The authors' school Schreibhain has made it its business to gather such voices under one roof and to promote them. In cooperation with the Brotfabrik, it now gives those voices and their different perspectives on the present a stage. Twice a year, the new reading series "Original Edition" will do the honors at the Brotfabrik.

KEY VISUAL  Originalausgabe #1 – Die Lesereihe der Autorenschule Schreibhain
KEY VISUAL Originalausgabe #1 – Die Lesereihe der Autorenschule Schreibhain © promo

In issue #1, eight writers from German-speaking countries will present themselves to the public. From pop-literary influences to surreal elements to subtle laconic observations, everything is represented. Whoever enters the courtyard of the Brotfabrik on this evening must expect to find themselves in Dakar or alternatively on an LSD trip in a women's prison, in a hospital, on a strange escalator ride, in a Späti, at a foggy lake or in the presence of Edith, who is sitting on a train platform dressed only in underpants and a shirt. The following writers will read: Anna-Lydia Ast, Schorsch Burmeier, Antje Wenzel, Caroline Parthier, Leh-Wei Liao, Yves Staudenmann, Anja Schwennsen and Laszlo Hartmann.

The evening will be moderated by Tanja Steinlechner, writer and owner of the authors' school Schreibhain.

(Program in German)
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