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Tut-tut! The opera dolmuş of the Komische Oper Berlin stops off at the Museum Nikolaikirche with its new programme about playing and trying to get started.

For ten years, a minibus with singers and musicians from the Komische Oper Berlin has been touring the city as the "Operndolmuş". The name alludes to the shared taxis commonly used in Turkey. On site, they present a scenic-musical journey through 500 years of opera history.
In "Hadi Bakalım - Let's go!", the opera dolmuş shows that every change requires courage - and that a little tongue-in-cheek doesn't hurt. The artists of Selam Opera!, the programme for urban cultures, will take you on a musical joyride through time and space. You can expect arias and duets from the current programme, Anatolian rock songs, pop from the 1990s, musical and film music.
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Booking: If possible, please book a day ticket online in advance in the Museum Sunday Berlin ticket shop. Tickets can be booked one week before Museum Sunday. Tickets are available on site for spontaneous visits.