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Friendship and sex don't mix. This is what countless relationship guides, romantic films and often your own environment say. Nevertheless, more and more people are looking for friends with benefits. Traditional family images and the ideal of one great love seem to be completely overloaded with expectations and demands. So is friendship plus just an attempt to escape from compulsive romance? Or does it not serve as a model for new ways of intimate relationships?

Ole Liebl looks at the development and practice of this unusual form of relationship. He addresses their emotional and ethical conflicts as well as their utopian potential: Is there really no escape from the romantic norm and its claims to ownership? Are our intimate relationships subject to mere market mechanisms? Which sexist narratives shape our ideas about friendship and where do they come from? Is there friendly eroticism? And in what ways do we allow ourselves to love our friends?

Radically, critically and visionarily, Ole Liebl formulates a utopia of friendship and provides us with a long-overdue perspective on how people can think differently about friendship and find a more just way of living together: self-empowering, free of taboos and deeply trusting.

Ole Liebl, born in 1992 in a village in Rhineland-Palatinate, studied philosophy and computer science at the TU and FU Berlin. On his TikTok and Instagram channels, he explains various topics related to toxic masculinity, sexuality, gender and relationships from a queer feminist and scientific perspective. Ole Liebl lives in Berlin and works in an LGBTIQ care company.

An event organized by Literatur LIVE in cooperation with the HarperCollins Germany publishing group.

(Program in German)

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