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Gregorian and medieval songs from Apulia

Gregorian and medieval chants from Apulia with the Ensemble Novum Gaudium feat. Tamara Soldan.

The women's choir Novum Gaudium was founded in Puglia in 1988 and is committed to spreading the repertoire of Gregorian chant and medieval sacred polyphony. The program covers a very broad spectrum through diverse cooperations of different musical areas.

There have been collaborations with Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan with the »Ost-West« project and the composer of the organist Grazia Salvatori, just to name a few.

The choir took part in the television program »Nel cuore della Sonntag« on TV 2000, which was also broadcast by Vatican Radio. In addition, the choir participated in the performance of Heinrich Ignaz Biber's Rosary Sonata Violin Cycle - performances were given in Italy and Austria.

Numerous festivals offered performances, including the Festival della Valle d'Itria and Primavera Rubastina, the Talos Festival in Ruvo, the Sicilia Gregoriana.

The »Clarissima« album, which was recorded for the »Farlive« label, is available on all digital platforms.

Ensemble Novum Gaudium:
  • Anna G. Caldaralo, Alessandra Curci, Angela de Grazia,
  • Titti Dell'Orco, A. Stefania Lamanna,
  • Giusy Novembre, Rosalia Schettini, Flora Saponari
Guest: Tamara Soldan – singing and medieval fiddle

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