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((( O ))) holds a secret. Her name is merely a symbol that remains unspeakable and stands for silence. But both the music of American-Filipino artist June Marieezy and her concept of the Sundrop Garden, accompanied by corresponding artwork and symbolism, form an interwoven mystery waiting to be deciphered.

The neo-soul singer uses number mysticism as well as floating electronic sounds, noises, text fragments and complete song lyrics. With these elements she wants to tell the story of a cosmic journey that ultimately leads to self-discovery and resilience.

((( O ))) explains herself that she is interested in the interaction of light and darkness. She encourages her audience to explore their inner landscapes and embrace their own unique path. Inclusive and empowering, her music celebrates the beauty of diversity and invites everyone to connect with universal truths. It is an invitation to transcend boundaries, expand consciousness and embark on a transformative journey of self-knowledge and inner growth.

The name ((( O ))) thus stands for everything that she embodies and creates, precisely because it is soundless and meaningless. The Sundrop Garden acts as the playground where she brings all her ideas together to create music and bring it to life. For ((( O ))), music is a powerful tool for moving through life. Their performances are amazing synesthetic experiences in which sound, images and light merge together. In November you can experience this interaction up close in Berlin.

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