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NoonSong - Song & Prayer

The whole
range of Gregorian music will be heard today: the large-scale compositions of
the Introit and Gradual are outstanding testimonies to a musical culture that
is over 1000 years old. They are complemented by German-language chants on old
Gregorian melodies.

  • Preces: anonym (gregorianisch): Deus in adiutorium meum intende
  • Tagespsalm: Psalm 85,2: anonym (gregorianisch): Introitus: Dicit dominus
  • Wochenpsalm: Psalm 50: anonym (gregorianisch): Graduale: Ex Sion
  • Canticum: anonym (gregorianisch): Heilig, heilig ist Gott
  • Choral: anonym (gregorianisch): Der höchsten Gottheit ew‘ges Bild

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wheelchair access
Participating artists
sirventes berlin
Leitung: Stefan Schuck