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The New Synagogue from 1859 to the present. What you see here is a small, virtual foretaste of your visit to our exhibition "Tuet auf die Gforten". "Tuet auf die Gforten", it is written in Hebrew in golden letters above the portals on Oranienburger Straße: an invitation to enter the New Synagogue, which was once the center of Jewish life in Berlin. A tour through the historical rooms of the Centrum Judaicum reveals the eventful history of what was once Germany's largest and most beautiful synagogue.

Neue Syynagoge Berlin
Neue Syynagoge Berlin © Neue Synagoge von 1859 bis in die Gegenwart

What was life like in the Spandauer Vorstadt? What Jewish institutions were there in the neighborhood of the New Synagogue? Two chronological deep drillings illuminate Jewish life in the years 1859 to 1900 and its irretrievable destruction after 1933.

In the exhibition, a virtual city map with historical pictures and documents provides insights into life in the area surrounding the New Synagogue from 1859 to the present.
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