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Post/Socialist Palaces

The sounds of this evening are all about casual electro and bass beats. Lucas Bird from Kyiv, a nerd and shy contemporary in his own right, conjures up a mix of 90s pop-rock and 70s city pop on stage with his three-piece band.

Their music is inspired by alternative hip-hop and R&B and thus the ultimate launch pad for the rappers Fo Sho from Kharkiv.
The African-Ukrainian sisters were voted among the best “30 under 30” in entertainment by Forbes magazine in 2022 and have been setting concert halls abuzz since their performance at the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 at the latest. The evening will end with DJ daisy cutter from Warsaw, who set the festival nights in Eastern Europe vibrating at the turntables this summer. The three musical acts will be accompanied by short talks.

Antonina Ulatowska aka daisy cutter is a DJ, art historian and theorist. Trained as a classical pianist, she became involved in the electronic music scene by throwing parties in squats and cultural institutions. She is known for her versatile music selection, as well as for strong commitment to the local scene. Ulatowska is resident of Jasna 1 club, co-founder of FLAUTA collective, throwing benefit parties to support people with refugee experience, and Radio Kapitał – the first Polish community radio. She is a graduate of the Faculty of Artistic Research and Curatorial Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and works as a Co-author and coordinator of the Radio Academy, a sound urban school financed from the budget of the City of Warsaw. Antonina Ulatwoska is a Yoga teacher as well as winner of the Prof. Lech Tomaszewski Award from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (2018), the Stanisław Wyspianski Association Scholarship (2021), Warsaw Art Scholarship (2022).

FO SHO is an African-Ukrainian hip-hop project created in early 2019, consisting of 3 sisters – Betty, Miriam and Siona Endale. They show their unique cultural background in their songs, style and, most importantly, in their energetic, lively performances. Their music is a symbiosis of modern genres from trap to hip-hop. They also like to quote other styles, from R&b to rock, which represent their history and cultural traditions, which they are very proud of. The band is currently preparing to release their debut album.

Lucas Bird is a moniker of Daniel Zubkov, a multi-instrumentalist from Kyiv, who named his alter-ego after his parrot Lucas. Lucas Bird creates “music for outsiders”, still, his ability to not take himself seriously combined with an extensive musical background makes his music relatable for both an audio buff and someone who only encounters music in a convenience store or elevator. Lucas Bird doesn’t shy away from new influences and tries on a new genre with every new release. After his first two records, being influenced by the 90’s pop-rock and 70’s city pop, respectively, the new single draws inspiration from alternative hip-hop and R&B. His most recent maxi-single “Sirens” that came out in March 2023 was dedicated to the realities that Ukrainians faced with the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. For this release, Lucas Bird recorded a choir of Ukrainian musicians. Currently, the musician is working on a new mini-album, which is produced by a Kyiv-based DJ and Vertuha house resident Seba Korecky. The release of the album is scheduled for 2023.

- 16 € / 8 €
- 16 years and older
- Ground Floor, Hall 2

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