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Aloisia, a young Austrian woman, comes to Paris - for love. The French newspapers report tirelessly about a serial killer. Le Maestro Massacreur kills street musicians seemingly at random. A melancholy inspector and the respected terror expert Monsieur Boum investigate.

Ganzkörperaufnahme von Lisa Eckhart im Beige Latexanzug.
Ganzkörperaufnahme von Lisa Eckhart im Beige Latexanzug. © W. Czernich für Marquis Magazine

But no one has reckoned with Clopin, the king of beggars, in whose "Tower of Miracles" Aloisia also quickly finds shady connections.

The eagerly awaited new novel is a fairy tale, horror story, erotic thriller, comic and computer game all in one. And it is a bitter satire from which nothing and no one is safe.

Lisa Eckhart: BOUM - the cabaret for the book

Lisa Eckhart, born in Styria in 1992, appears as a cabaret artist in various television programs and performs on stage with solo programs. She studied German and Slavic studies in Paris and Berlin. Today she lives in Leipzig. In 2020, her first novel Omama was published.

"Malicious smile, wicked rhymes and polished delivery." Süddeutsche Zeitung

"With Omama, Lisa Eckhart writes herself into the burlesque game of Austrian literature. ... A thousand times more entertaining than the leaden, humor-resistant sensibility that reigns in so many contemporary novels." DIE ZEIT

(Program in German)
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Bar jeder Vernunft