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by Leonie Jenning, Martha Mechow

Stuck in the traffic jam with beams of red and yellow illuminating the night. A spectacle of lights that must have embarassed the stars, because in recent nights only a few had appeared in the sky. A horn signalled that the convoy was rolling again. I was running to the girl in the VW Bonjovi sleeping on the back seat.The car’s metal, still warm from the evening sun, felt more alive than her body when I tried to pull her at the leg. A yellow plateau shoe fell to the ground. The graze on her instep was minor, but highly relevant. A blister that proved we used our bodies to operate machines. Her feet would probably have gladly devoted their time doing other things than stepping on and off the accelerator pedal. Like scuffing and striding – but where to?

Ackermann-Simonow-Kahn © Ackermann-Simonow-Kahn

The wilderness for us were wind turbines, these red-eyed giants.

Rolling over she pressed her sweaty forehead against the imitation leather. A couple of hours ago she collapsed near the noise barrier. It was agreed that she had lost consciousness on behalf of all of us. „It’s the hopelessness“ one of the men had whispered carrying her back to the blockade. Obviously unimpressed, since at dawn, it was agreed, she would be on her feet again. The proof that faith extended beyond death in this cursed life…

The girl’s other leg was sticking out of the car’s door and I perceived another scar between the straps of her sandals. Although her palms looked flawless, I was suddenly convinced that she was Jesus, and that I loved her. She would, of course, not bring salvation, that much I knew. She was too unforgiving for that. The traffic jam hadn’t advanced for more than 6 metres.

And yet I sensed that a new era was beginning. From now on, there was a time before our encounter, and a time after. The world was in uproar and the end seemed much nearer than any of our travel destinations.

What can I say – here today, and tomorrow’s yesterday.

Photo/Video: © Ackermann-Simonow-Kahn,  © Charlotte Brandhorst
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