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maulwerker performing music

With megaphones, microphones, whispering bags and handheld speakers, the voices are choreographed into transforming acoustic constellations around the audience.

In Ute Wassermann’s new piece »Camouflage«, the performers become “voice organisms” between human and animal. Erhard Grosskopf’s legendary fixed-media composition »Der Prozess der Veränderung« [The Process of Change] is further developed by the Maulwerkers into a new version with live voices. Stefan Roigk re-enacts his speech composition »worte wie schall & raum« for 8 live voices choreographed in space. Sabine Ercklentz’ »Fremd_körper« thematizes the human being in technological change. Steffi Weismann’s »platophonics« deal with perceptual phenomena in the interplay of eye and ear. Ralf Hoyer’s »Schreistück« [scream piece] musicalizes simply and physically: the scream.

  • U. Wassermann »Camouflage« (UA)
  • S. Ercklentz »Fremd_körper«
  • E. Grosskopf »Prozess der Veränderung op. 12« (UA Version 2023)
  • R. Hoyer »Schreistück«
  • S. Weismann »platophonics«
  • S. Roigk »worte wie schall & raum« (UA)

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Additional information

Ariane Jeßulat – Voice, Performance

Henrik Kairies – Voice, Performance

Christian Kesten – Voice, Performance

Katarina Rasinski – Voice, Performance

Tilmann Walzer – Voice, Performance

Steffi Weismann – Voice, Performance, Live-Elektronik


Sabine Ercklentz – Klangregie (in Fremd_körper)

Fernanda Farah – Stimme, Performance

Alexey Kokhanov – Stimme, Performance

Technical Direction Björn Stegmann, Steffi Weismann

Sound Matthias Erian

Production Vilém Wagner

A production of the Maulwerker in cooperation with Ballhaus Ost, sponsored by Initiative Neue Musik Berlin e.V.

The performance is part of the Monats der zeitgenössischen Musik Berlin.