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documentary film festival

From 04.02.24 to 10.02. The documentary film festival KODEX is showing ten multi-faceted international documentaries in Berlin cinemas that stood out at the IDFA, Vision du Reel and Berlinale festivals.

It is a journey into the bizarre parallel world of a computer game, into the lonely life surrounded by wind and water, into nocturnal melancholy and the tragic realities of some escape experiences that would like to be shared with the audience this year.

In collaboration with Berlin cinemas, including Rollberg Kinos, B-Ware! In-store cinema, Kino Krokodil and Moviemento, the films will be presented and discussed afterwards.

The renowned filmmaker and photographer Khalik Allah, whose films have been shown at CHP:DOX, FIDMarseille and the International Film Festival Rotterdam and will be shown at KODEX this year, will focus on "Street Opera" in a five-day workshop Participants will be available to provide support with any concerns.
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