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An evening with Klaus Maria Brandauer

Klaus Maria Brandauer is one of the most important and influential actors in the German language. He has been a member of Vienna's Burgtheater for several decades and has also long acted in Düsseldorf, Munich, Hamburg, Berlin and London.

Portrait von Klaus Maria Brandauer
Portrait von Klaus Maria Brandauer © Concertbüro Zahlmann GmbH

Klaus Maria Brandauer

His extraordinary film career began with their joint work on the Oscar-winning production MEPHISTO with Istvan Szabo, which found a congenial continuation with OBERST REDL and HANUSSEN. Despite all his international successes, Klaus Maria Brandauer has always remained true to the stage, even today. He convinces(ed) his audience in countless performances as an actor who can harmonise words, thoughts and feelings in a very special way. In his own words, the prerequisites for this are simple: craft, art, cheerfulness.

On the occasion of his sixtieth stage anniversary, he now goes on a great literary journey with his audience and meets many of the stage characters from his long theatre career again - and some for the first time!

The programme will include great theatre texts by Sophocles, Goethe, Ibsen, Shakespeare, Schiller, Hofmannsthal, Brecht and several others. Concisely and personally presented by Klaus Maria Brandauer, who will once again prove: In the end, the author is always right!

(Program in German)

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