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Cooperation with King's College London+++

At a time when the collection and interpretation of historical works of art is increasingly becoming the subject of public discussion and debate, universities and museums are facing greater challenges than ever before. This is especially true when dealing with works that have Christian themes as their subject matter. Although some of them are associated with the most illustrious names in art history, at the same time an increasingly secular and non-Christian audience finds it quite difficult to access their themes.

Key to Christian art

Contemporary art viewers may no longer be familiar with the saintly stories depicted, the specific contexts for which these works were created, or the artistic means of expression and techniques used. Not infrequently, the works of art consequently appear strangely unapproachable and difficult to understand.

Faced with this situation, the Bode Museum (Sculpture Collection and Museum of Byzantine Art) and the Gemäldegalerie der Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin have embarked on an interdisciplinary collaboration with "The Visual Commentary on Scripture," a project based at King's College London. Together, innovative ways of accessing Berlin's rich collections of Christian art have been explored, combining art historical and theological perspectives and seeking exchange with Islamic and Jewish faith traditions. The first results of this ongoing collaboration are now available in the form of two short film series that address the challenge of (re)making these collections accessible to today's audiences.

One series of 25 films has the overarching theme "Keys to Christian Art." This series offers two tours of the permanent collections of the Bode Museum and the Gemäldegalerie, in which the the lives of the two central figures of the Christian faith. are depicted: Jesus Christ and his mother Mary. Information on
information on these tours can be obtained both in the collections and online.

Museum visitors can identify the exhibits included in the tour by means of special signs with QR codes. The latter provide access to short videos explaining the objects. The films trace the most important events in the life of each personality and discuss how they have been portrayed over time by artists from different traditions.
artists from different traditions.

A second series is entitled "Interreligious Conversations. In so far
two films so far, a specific work of art from the BodeMuseum serves as the starting point for an exchange between representatives of the three great Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam). Prof. Dr. Ben Quash, Prof. Dr. Mira Sievers (Berlin Institute for Islamic Theology at Humboldt University Berlin) and Rabbi Gesa Shira Ederberg
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