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From cult band over noble to Ostrocker: There are many drawers, in which this formation was put. The nice thing is that Karat never surrendered to these restrictions. The fact that the band is one thing and the other and yet not just wanted to be one or the other - that is especially evident in their concerts.

Karat © New Berlin Konzerte GmbH

To experience Karat live is not just about celebrating and party. Do not just mean playing unforgotten hits like "Over Seven Bridges", "Albatross", "Swan King" or "The Blue Planet". Over 40 years of karat also means to demonstrate creativity and the desire for something new. Like a gem, whose splendor does not lose its eternity, but always appears alive and young through other versions. Experience KARAT live on their acoustic tour with the old hits and the new songs in pure instrumentation.

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