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As part of her "Splitter Tour 2023" Julia Engelmann is touring all over Germany!

Julia Engelmann is an absolute all-rounder. To date, around 14 million people have watched her legendary appearance at the "Bielefeld Hörsaal Slam" in 2014 on YouTube. She describes her poem "One Day, Baby" as the "big bang" of her career. She wrote several best-selling poetry, all of which landed on the Spiegel bestseller list. She illustrates her books herself and all of her audio books were also recorded by her personally. On behalf of the Goethe Institute, Julia traveled to San Francisco, gave workshops at the University of Oxford and wrote as a columnist for Stern.

Just as impressively, "Poesiealbum", her music debut released in 2017, secured #9 in the German album charts in addition to an ECHO nomination. From there Julia Live was on the road a lot, played at numerous festivals and several sold-out tours. In 2023 Julia goes on a big live tour through Germany with new poetry and music under the title "Splitter Tour 2023".

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