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The British JP Cooper is a guarantor for brightening up gloomy moments. No wonder, since his career began with a veritable summer hit when he lent his charismatic voice to DJ Jonas Blue for his platinum-winning summer hit "Perfect Strangers" in 2016.

It was immediately followed by his own first global success with "September Song." Both songs still manage to drive away all clouds on a damp and cold drizzle day and send rays of sunshine into the soul. This is not only due to the warm voice that melts any ice and the knack for songwriting with earworm potential.

The musician from Manchester stands for an incredible musical openness. Thanks to his musical training, which ranges from gospel choir to Britpop band, he sings all emotions with the same intensity and subtlety, whether it's his own songs or his fantastic interpretations of songs like Lennon's "Jealous Guy. Cooper's fans are now almost as keen on these as they are on his own compositions. Next October JP Cooper comes to Berlin and gilds the autumn with his everlasting summer.

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