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The new trio Dada打打rythmé shows lyrical intensity of different sounds from wooden, metal, leather and plastic percussion instruments. Da(打) means percussion in Japanese and Chinese. What can you do with percussion instruments besides rhythm? It will be an experimental exciting evening!

Jazzkeller 69 presents the Trio Dada Rhythm

  • Taiko Saito - marimba
  • Moritz Baumgärtner - drums
  • Els Vanderweyer - vibraphone

"Through the variety of improvisations, Taiko Saito builds her own world. She is a remarkable and rare artist with whose music you feel no boundaries between jazz and classical."

Naoya Takayama, Ongaku no tomo

"Els Vandeweyer manages to give the sounds of the vibraphone an incomparable warmth and emotionality."


Norbert Krampf (FAZ) on Moritz Baumgärtner: "He has long since functioned not only as a rhythmic backbone, but [...] as another sound-shaping instrumentalist. Unusual gongs or bicycle bells are as much a part of Baumgärtner's tools as his personal style of accentuating or subverting rhythms."

Taiko Saito
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