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Februar 1990
Februar 1990 © Foto: I. Seidel

"But it is nice that the wall has got holes." Photos and texts on the Berlin Wall

Open-air exhibition

30 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Berlin House of Representatives commemorates the Berlin Wall and its unexpected erosion in the autumn of 1989 with an open-air exhibition. The Wall has also left a lasting mark on the history of the former Prussian Landtag - today's House of Representatives.


Abgeordnetenhaus von Berlin (ehemaliger Preußischer Landtag)

Niederkirchnerstraße 5 10117  Berlin

Located directly on the sector border, the house was for decades a barely accessible and almost forgotten place in the border area between East and West.

Only after the fall of the Berlin Wall, with the arrival of the Berlin State Parliament in 1993, did the building regain public awareness and become the center of the now reunified city. Selected photographs of the Berlin Wall and their disappearance recall a time that is barely conceivable 30 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall. They are supplemented by excerpts from private correspondence between East and West.

The exhibition is conceived as an open-air exhibition and will be shown on the forecourt of the Berlin House of Representatives.

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