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Workshop for adults from 16 years with the artist Luise Schröder (Berlin)

Paul Jaray was an artist, researcher and inventor. Many of his ideas and models were forward-looking and aimed at seemingly endless progress.

But is that still relevant today? The workshop asks: How do people actually imagine the world of tomorrow today? What will future means of transport and routes look like? How do you want to live, live and work? What inventions do you need ? Which past do you want to talk about in 100 years? What letters are they writing to the people of tomorrow?

Together with the artist Luise Schröder (Berlin), the participants try to find possible answers to these questions and also to look again at Paul Jaray's approaches and ideas. They formulate their attitude in their own short manifestos or express them by means of collages, drawings and sculptures.

The designs will then be exhibited in showcases in the education room of the Kunsthaus Dahlem until the end of the exhibition on September 3rd, 2023 and can then be picked up.

We ask for registration until Tuesday, 15.08. at: or by phone: 030 – 831 20 12.
Luise Schröder is a visual artist who lives primarily in Berlin. In her artistic practice, she deals with aspects of “history in the making” from today’s perspective. She is interested in how cultures of memory and commemoration are influenced and shaped by political agendas, media and image production, and how this affects identities and communities.
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Price: €6.00

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