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Sky is not the limit - boundless dragon art in the Volkspark Potsdam

On September 2nd and 3rd, a dozen kite experts and teams will gather in Potsdam to artistically let their impressive kites float, glide and dance in the sky. It's a rare opportunity to see so much kite art in one place, and it's a wonderful way to kick off autumn.

The creativity and inspiration of the kite experts are limitless: Karl Longbottom (Kite Design, England) builds famous combat underpants, various avian and short-tailed pterosaur models as well as traditional kites. Andreas Grimm creates extremely light combat kites and often flies them in a team with the "Drachenfreunde Berlin". Wolfgang Bieck presents technical kites and kites with built-in technology. He is an expert in aerial photography with kites and documents the Potsdam Kite Festival from a bird's eye view. Andreas Höft excels as a kite acrobat by simultaneously controlling up to three stunt kites and flying breathtaking figures - "multiple kiting", an art form that is rarely seen in Germany. The "Aufwind Extreme" team shows giant kites without wands, which mostly consist of a towing kite and home-made, humorous linen decorations. This year, if the wind is right, the team will present a cookie family, Peter Lynn manta rays and pigs. Other artists provide additional surprises.

The kite festival in Potsdam not only offers the opportunity to admire this impressive kite art, but also to benefit from the expertise of the kite artists, who are happy to pass on their specialist knowledge.

In addition to the dragons, the festival offers a wide range of entertainment: puppet theater with Stefanie Rüffer, bizarre performances by ventriloquist Mike Maverik, artistic comedy by Jens Ohle and virtuoso diabolo juggling by Jan Manske. Children can have their faces painted and romp about on giant bouncy castles.

There are hands-on activities all about great kites, a juggling station, fascinating wind chimes to admire and buy, games of skill on the Pedalo play mobile and activities by the Potsdam Bornstedt volunteer fire brigade, including target syringes and a large fire engine.

The Drachenwiese invites you to fly your own kite and offers a kite market as well as a diverse selection of culinary delights.
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