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Oscar Murillo

Oscar Murillo’s works are often linked to matters pertaining to cycles of labour: production, circulation, and consumption. In a polyphonic conglomerate, Murillo asks ten performers with knowledge of different languages to read translations of Parque Industrial, Romance Proletário, the seminal 1933 novella by Brazilian avant-garde writer Patrícia Galvão (1910–1962).

Using the text as the input for a fragmentary reading, a piece in which poverty, racism, and different forms of exploitation are addressed in the context of the precarious working conditions present in textile factories, the performance spotlights the communities forming under geo- and sociopolitical forces present in Flight Drawings (2023), the artist’s site-specific intervention in HKW’s Miriam Makeba Auditorium as part of the O Quilombismo exhibition.
Additional information
Meeting point: Miriam Makeba Auditorium

Booking: Entrance at any time during the performance