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People disappear into the wallpaper, swing from the chandelier into the arms of others, dance on their hands. It's as if they can fly, they float across the stage, glide through the air. With their new piece in_between, the Finnish company Circo Aereo invites you into a world between reality and dream, into that strange state just before or after waking up, removed from reality and yet quite real, starting in February at Chamäleon.

"When the curtain rises, the audience should feel as if they are entering their own dreams," says Maksim Komaro, the man who dreamed up this world. "We bring to the stage what people usually see only when they close their eyes."

It's circus and illusion, theater and dance. It feels impossible and mysterious, and at the same time completely natural.

Circo Aereo, like the chameleon, are known for always breaking new ground; it was clear that at some point they would have to cross paths.

The co-production in_between is the first collaboration and a project of the heart for both of them. Maksim Komaro had the first images in his head five years ago, already then the director and co-founder of Circo Aereo started to develop the first ideas together with the Chameleon and to look for the suitable Akrobat:innen, in 2020 the production work officially began.

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