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Improneta - improv festival

E woppaa!!! Luzia, Spronzello, Trixetta, Rolando, Veranda, Ehorstund, Xandruscha and many more around the world - are the Famiglia Impronelli!
They are a time-honored, internationally acclaimed, classical-school circus impromptu theatre.
The dazzling ensemble of mysterious origins has carefully honed, amazing skills in the art of theatre, music, words and deeds - which they conjure up on stage with lightning speed, comedy and music. “Just in your head – already on this stage! E woppaa!"
In their breathtaking, dangerous performances, the lovingly hooded warhorses are daringly inspired by their esteemed audience.

Impronellis © Sebastian Ortner

Today the world is out of joint and the Impronellis also separated a long time ago because of family and artistic differences and scattered in all directions. Now a mysterious power has lured her to Berlin and everyone has followed the call. Will there be a reunion? Will the extinguished diamond shine again?

The tension rises, the anticipation wins!

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