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On the evening of November 16th, 2023, the Chinese Cultural Center Berlin will show the film “Hsuan-Tsang of the Tang Dynasty”, a historical film with Huang Xiaoming, Xu Zheng and Zhao Wenxuan in the main roles, directed by Huo Jianqi.

“Hsuan Tsang of the Tang Dynasty”
  • Feature film: China 2016
  • Duration: 120 mins.
  • Director: Huo Jianqi
  • Language: Chinese with English subtitles

Admission free. No registration needed.

The film "Hsuan-Tsang of the Tang Dynasty" tells the legendary story of Xuanzang, the famous monk from China's Tang Dynasty, who braved all dangers and difficulties and traveled to Tianzhu (ancient Chinese name for India) more than 1,300 years ago. He studied Buddhist scriptures there for seventeen years. The film won, among others, the award for Best Chinese-Language Feature Film at the 13th Changchun Chinese Film Festival and the Best Feature Film Award at the 17th China Film Huabiao Awards.


The film tells the legendary story of the life of the important monk Xuanzang, who spent seventeen years of his life during the Tang Dynasty, despite all the hardships, traveling to India to study religious teachings. During the reign of Emperor Li Shimin, considered the heyday of the Tang Dynasty, the young monk Xuanzang (played by Huang Xiaoming) bravely leaves his country to search for the true meaning of Buddhism. On his journey he encounters numerous obstacles, natural disasters and man-made suffering. Xuanzang remains steadfast and wholeheartedly dedicates himself to the search for the Buddhist Dharma. Eventually he reaches India, where he continues his studies and meditates on Buddhism. When he finally returns to China, having gained many experiences, he is over fifty years old. Not only does he bring a large amount of Buddhist scriptures from India to China, but he also spreads knowledge about the civilization of the flourishing Tang Dynasty to the countries in his path.
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We do apologize that the following information is currently only available in German.


We do apologize that the following information is currently only available in German.