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Seminar "How do I become visible and audible as an expert with a book?"

Seminar content day 1 – September 30, 2023 with Janina Lücke

How do books help you position yourself as an expert? How do I use my book as an effective marketing tool? How do I put my expertise into a book? What is important when choosing a topic? Do I want to publish through a publisher or as a self-publisher? How do I find a publisher if necessary? How do I progress with my writing? What should I consider when writing for marketing?

Day 2 – October 1st, 2023 with Paul Hilliger

Audio book vs. podcast – what are the differences and which is more useful to experts? How do I launch my audiobook/podcast? Where can I publish my audiobook/podcast? Should I speak my audio book myself or leave it to a professional? What is important about your own voice? What is Personal Audio Branding / Sound Branding? How do I train my voice? Comprehensive speaking exercises in small groups.

In addition to the topics, the seminar includes drinks, lunch and opportunities for exchange and networking.

(Program in German)
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