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group exhibition

HOT IN AUGUST is an international group exhibition that combines a variety of exciting topics. This is where the legendary vegetable battle on the Oberbaumbrücke between Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain, summer holidays in southern Europe, the lively atmosphere of Chicago's South Side and the rousing sound of the 70s meet.

But not only cultural aspects are the focus of this exhibition - the heated fight of the climate glue: inside in the year 2023 is also illuminated, who are committed to environmental protection. The curators also addressed man-made interventions in nature that accelerate climate change and thus bring an important debate to the exhibition.

HOT IN AUGUST creates an impressive platform where all these topics come together in a complex and international context and stimulates the viewer to think and discuss.

With Laura Fiorio I Michael Abramson I Susanne Leibold I Naomi Chillet I Fabrizio Bilello I Raisa Galofre I Andreas Urban I Nancy Göring I Adriano Redoglia I David Kirchmann I Stefanie Kulisch I Philipp Czampiel I Maximilian Goedecke I Daniel Montenegro I Tenzin Heatherbell I Ugo del Corso I Marvin Systermans I Ghadir Abshenas I Zahra Shahcheraghi I Hossein Taghia I Fatemeh Pazoki Dehghaniyanfard I Kavoos Hosseinpour I Masoud Momenha
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